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Shop Concealed Carry Holsters for Men

Concealed carry holsters for men.  Carry with confidence and comfort.  All of our products are made in the USA

Lucky Luciano - Red - Left Hand


Lucky Luciano - Red - Left Hand


The Lucky Luciano is our most basic holster option.  Each holster consists of a very thin layer of suede attached to an extremely strong clip.  The suede adds such minimal thickness that it really only softens the contours of the firearm.  The heavy-duty clip secures the holster to your waistband with or without a belt.  Because of this, The Lucky is the perfect grab and go holster option.  We offer The Lucky in a more generic (small/medium/large/etc.) type fit, so we're able to keep the price very low.  The "generic fit" that comes in the package doesn't last for long though!  The beauty of the suede isn't just in the vibrant colors.  Once you've worn your new holster for just a couple days, the suede conforms to your firearm for a very custom fit.

Sizing Guidelines - Example fits include but are not limited to:

1911 - Made for full barrel coverage on a 5" barrel length 1911

1911 Short - Made for full barrel coverage on a 3" barrel length 1911

Small Auto - Walther PPK, Sig P938

Small Auto Short - Ruger LCP, Kel-tec P3AT

J Frame Revolver - S&W 642, Ruger SP101, Charter Arms Lady, Ruger LCR

Large Auto - Walther PK380, Springfield XDS 4"

Large Auto Short - Glock 43, Springfield XDS, Beretta NANO, S&W Shield

XL Auto - Glock 17, Glock 19, Springfield XD, S&W MP

XL Auto Short - Glock 26, Springfield XD Compact, S&W MP Compact

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If you ever have a question or concern about one of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us!  Customer service is our specialty, and safety is our number one concern.  We love our customers and _always_ want to help!

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