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Holster Reviews

Flashbang Holster Reviews- Customer Feedback


Real People - EDC

We love hearing from YOU!  Here are some pics and quotes from people who wear our holsters and belts on a daily basis - from their lips (or keyboard) to your ears!  If you have feedback to share with us, just use the hashtag #flashbangholsters on social media - we're watching! :-)


Ronna Emel Butt (via Facebook) - The Flashbang

I have had my brand new flashbang on for less than 30 minutes and I love it!! This is definitely going to be a daily accessory!

Firewifey25 (via Instagram) - The Flashbang

Got my new Flashbang Holster.  I wore it with a regular tee shirt yesterday and looked just fine too.  Holds my Shield and even gives the girls a nice lift.  I was worried because I have a small chest that it would be super noticeable or uncomfortable but not so!  The price is on point as well, a great option for summer carry outfits of you're like me and hate wearing pants!

Kriss (via email) - The Flashbang

Hi ladies, I just wanted to tell you all how much I love my Flashbang Bra Holster. I am new to the world of conceal carry and when I took my class I could not see myself carrying on my hip or in my purse. My husband told me about your holsters and as soon as I found the gun I wanted I ordered my Flashbang. So comfortable that I forget it's there. I feel It is the perfect way for women to conceal. I went to our local gun show and looked to see if you had a booth. Wanted to thank you in person. I am surprised at the ignorant men and some of the comments they make about your product. They just have no idea what they are talking about. It made me want to lift up my shirt and shut them all up. I just may do that one day, I like to speak my mind. I have been telling friends and family about the Flashbang and I even converted my almost 70 year old aunt to get one. She would always leave her gun at home and now she carries full time. If you are ever in need of someone to sing your praises and help get the word out I would love to help. I am a 50 year old wife and mother of two teenage girls in the Western NC Blue Ridge area and women need to know about this. Again, thank you for creating this product. It has changed my life and empowered me like I never thought possible.

Jamie (via email) - The Flashbang

I am very impressed by the fit, comfortability, and function of the Flashbang Bra Holster. I am 5'3, bra size 36B, and I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. I originally thought the Shield was too big of a gun for me to be able to conceal. After trying many positions and bras I found it is quite easy to conceal with the Flashbang. I prefer a bra with a sturdy underwire, and it fits me most comfortable for the gun to sit in front of my breasts. Being a smaller chested girl, it is not comfortable to wear the gun under the breasts, as it digs in and causes the handle of the gun to kick out. I hope this helps for any of you ladies who carry a the M&P 9mm

Kim V (via web) - The Ava

Five Stars!  Love It!

Larry P (via web) - Logo T-shirt

Five Stars!  Arrived very quickly.  Excellent company.

William W (via web) - Repair Kit

Exactly what I needed and very prompt in shipping.

Stefanie H (via web) - Flashbang Holster

I love my Flashbang holster!  My firearm feels secure and the holster is so comfortable.

Nika R (via web) - Flashbang Holster

I absolutely love my Flashbang holster!  It's so comfortable, I am very pleased with how it looks under shirts and it's so easy to use!  Very happy with it.  Wish I would have bought one a long time ago!

Asterio C (via web) - Flashbang Holster

I bought a Flashbang Bra Holster for my wife thinkng that this is going to be another gimmick... She really loved the idea that she can actually be concealing and that absolutly know body tell that she's carrying! She enjoys it so much that, she approches me and ask, "let's go practice our quick draws..." She has told a couple of friends about it well, needless to say... At first, she thought that this would be exstreamly uncomfortable but now, it goes everywhere she does and it's a perfect fit for her self protection weapon.

Paul L (via web) - Ava Holster

These holsters are the best I have found and worn. I have the Capone for my S&W Shield and bought the Ava for my S&W 642 .38 Special because I liked the Capone so much. I am fortunate that my range shop carries Flashbang holsters and have had both holsters for my 2 handguns. Yes, I know the Ava is for women, but I like the purple backing! So comfortable to wear in the appendix position.